Taking great pictures with Smartphone has same requirements as taking professional pictures with an SLR – a vision to create appealing scene, deep understanding of photography, and good lighting.  Here are the tips when it comes to take shots with your device. Here are the tips to take photos from ‘whatever’ to ‘extraordinary’ within no time.


When it comes to compose a scene, you need to consider a lot of things. If you put the horizon in the mid of the scene, it can create annoyingly unbalanced shot where viewer is confused whether to look at the sky or ground first. You should learn few important rules of composition to make a great difference in photography. It will significantly improve your photography. If your photo has poor composition, simple cropping can improve it and make it a masterpiece.

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Get Close

With Smartphones, one of the biggest troubles is that they don’t have optical zoom. Anytime you zoom with your photos, you are about to get lots of noise and distortion in your pictures. You have to do less editing and cropping and crop later to make your photo look better. This way, you have to get close to the subject. In landscape, you can zero in on the subject and get close to the object and fill the frame with friend’s face. You can find small things and take photo from where you would take it normally and take a few steps. You will find the difference in quality.

Ditch the Flash

The light comes from flash can really be harsh, even from your phone. It makes weird shadows and highlights, badly affect the colors of subject, and even mess up pictures with reflections. Unless you have to take picture in the absolute darkness, it is better to turn it off all the time. Instead, you have to look for the ideal place to get the most of natural light or something softer than flash. It will give you more even lighting and you can get better picture. You can also use a diffuser for the flash if you are capable to rig one up.

Take Extra Time

When cameras of cellphones came out initially, they had the way to take pictures fast, without lining up a shot or getting your camera out. As the quality of pictures was assured to be very low, they were not good for a lot more than it. Today, the smart phone cameras are capable to take pictures which are as crisp and clear as a normal camera. So, there is no excuse for bad, hastily snapped pics. Be sure your composition is nice. Add interesting subjects and find out if you can improve the angle or lighting and where your viewer is about to be looking. These are the basic checks to get great photography. It just takes a few more time to improve your pictures dramatically.

Use HDR Moderately

On one hand, the HDR or high dynamic range is a hot topic, it helps getting balanced exposure which has a lot of shadows and highlights on a photo. On the other side, it can create pictures that can turn you off and can be overused.  If you don’t go overboard, it can be helpful. As your phone is going to take several pictures in various exposures, you can definitely fall back to pick out one of the pictures if HDR blend goes worst. So, it is better to leave HDR on Auto. In order to get good exposures, turn it off or you can use app dedicated to creating HDR pictures.

Use Different Camera App

The default camera app in your phone is okay and it won’t disappoint you. In order to get great shots, we recommend you to upgrade to better one. You may generally get more settings on third-party apps. For example, you can set the exposure and focus of photos separately, use various flash options, take burst shots, and even more. Some of the biggest names of camera apps are Manual, Camera+, Camera Zoom FX, Camera 360 and ProCamera. You may have to pay a few bucks to buy one of these camera apps but they are worth it because they improve your photos.

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